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Ray & Ann Newton


I’m Ray Newton, my wife’s name is Ann and we have been married for just over 50 years. I am a father to Elaina Hill, honored father-in-law of Steven Hill, and proud grandfather of Emmaline Hill. Ann and I were members of Greenwood Park for several years in the early 1990s and have been members at Greenwood Park since 2013 after moving back to Bowling Green. Church is family and Greenwood Park exemplifies that in numerous ways. We have friends from the 1990s with whom we’ve stayed connected over the decades, it is a place of comfort and safety where we see God, and it is a congregation of loving Christians who strive to help others not only here in KY but also in remote locations where others also seek God’s love.  I’ve been an elder elsewhere before our return to Bowling Green and here at Greenwood Park since 2018. I primarily work with mission efforts in Bowling Green with immigrants and with the ministers we support in Ft. Worth, Texas at a Hispanic congregation and with two Honduran ministers who lead multiple congregations in their home communities. 

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